‘You are not immortal. You won’t play forever’

‘You are not immortal. You won’t play forever’

In press conference at the Australian Open Maria Sharapova commented on Andy Murray’s retirement from tennis. The Russian player knows how it feels to not be competing due to injuries, and in press conference Sharapova said: ‘I think injuries are just part of the sport.

And, you know, we play 10 months out of the year and the commitment that you have to give physically and mentally, you know, I understand – I can only understand it from the perspective of my shoulder, because that’s something that I have had to deal with since I was 21 years old and really at the peak of my career, kind of came unexpected.

And here I am about 10 years later kind of going through very similar struggles, not on the depth that I was then with the tear of a tendon. But you realise that you’re not immortal, you’re never going to play this forever, even though we have done it as long as we can think of.

Yeah, and life moves on. But that’s, I don’t know, I look at that as an exciting chapter and not in a very sad way.’ What does she remember from playing mixed doubles with him? ‘Did we play mixed doubles?’, Sharapova quizzed.

‘Oh, right. I was, like, the only mixed doubles I played with was like (max) Mirnyi and I think I was 16 or 17 maybe. What do I remember? Clearly it wasn’t that memorable (smiling). Because let me tell you, none of my doubles is memorable.

It’s like something we all should forget about. But I do have three titles. They actually mentioned it today in the introductions. I was, like, Okay, that’s something we can skip. Like, let’s not waste our time.’


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