1. It has never been easy for Uncle Toni. When Rafa plays well, he doesn't get as much attention. But when Rafa was struggling, people first looked to Uncle Toni to scrutinize whether he was doing the right thing.

  2. Without Toni there would be no Rafa Nadal
    Respect for the man who invested Love effort wisdom in to Rafa
    And Rafa has shown and absorbed everything he was taught
    Respect to both of them x

  3. Yes, we will be missing Uncle Toni. But I believe he has great role at their Academy. He should produce more Nadals in future. Humble and hard-working man, not garnering limelight for himself. They got great family bonds, an example for all others. All the Best, Toni!

  4. Nadal and Uncle Toni's bond doesn't just limit to success story. Its also about the importance of relationship, human spirit, respect and trust for each other in today's age. So much to learn, admire and value from these two great people. πŸ‘

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