Tricks for Great Volley Contact

Tricks for Great Volley Contact

Solid contact on your volley is the key to a great net game. But how do you create that? Check out these easy tips and practice exercises to get you going. Feel free to leave questions in the comment section!

For more easy-to-follow volley tips, check out these videos:

Blair DiSesa Henley is a USPTA Certified (P1) tennis professional with over ten years of teaching experience. She is also a writer for Tennis Now.

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  2. She is easy on the eyes and yes a good technical coach, Remember to come under the ball so the ball comes off with an underspin and keep the ball low for control and sets up your next volley whether forehand or backhand. Thank you.

  3. A tennis racket handle has two edges (same as the head), two flats (same as the face) and four bevels. In the volley position the 'front' bevels are nearest the net and the back bevels are against the palm of the hand. Then just locate the pad of the forefinger 'somewhere' on the front bevel or edge, never on the flat, for the continental grip. Expect some trial and error for most comfortable grip.

  4. I say this in a respectful way. It's great to see your passion for helping tennis players.
    However, telling a player to turn their wrist can easily injure your players . Never tell a player to use their wrist. This is a group of small muscle groups which can injure easily if caught at a wrong angle. Use large muscle groups to absorb the hit.
    Every Good Coach and tennis player in the history of time knows its called (which you never mentioned.)
    1.) TURN YOUR SHOULDERS. Turn your shoulders together. Like on a practice wall.
    The Germans call it "steering wheel volley" with your hands out in front .
    2.) Your posture demonstrated is not professional and you are leaning too far forward. Posture should be up right using the legs and stepping in for power. Splitting on balls of feet and stepping correctly.
    3.) It is much better for a student to learn a flat volley first to establish good contact. Before they learn underspin. This will help the player hit through the ball and not drop the racket head like most players do.
    4.) The problem in our business nowadays is everyone thinks they are a tennis coach with a google search and a ball basket from costco. Becoming a good instructional coach takes a minimum of ten years of developing beginners into juniors.
    Taking that beginner to top 50 in the country , working 6-7 days a week around the clock for ten years . Living tennis, warming up players at nationals on Christmas, thanksgiving. Coaching College, Coaching High Schools, Coaching Pros, Coaching League players. Doing it all. If this was skydiving or scuba diving , the instructors would be held to a much higher regulation and standard. Everyones a tennis coach nowadays. you will probably delete my comment. But I would never hire you at our club. Coaches come in levels. And you have a far way to go.

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