‘The way Andy Murray fought was emotional’

‘The way Andy Murray fought was emotional’

Naomi Osaka felt emotional for Andy Murray’s loss to Roberto Bautista Agut at the Australian Open. The Brit managed to come back from being down two sets to love but still lost in the fifth set when it was past 11:00 PM in Melbourne.

Osaka, who hit with Murray at the Brisbane International earlier this month, said: ‘I watched until the end of the fourth set because I had to sleep to get ready for my match. But, yeah, I thought it was really amazing.

The way that he was fighting for every point like he was screaming and stuff. I thought that was very emotional. It kind of shows how he is as a player.’ Analyzing her win over, Osaka added: ‘For me, the first set I was more, like, watching how she would serve.

In the second set, I sort of decided to step in more and see how she takes it. I thought that I played better being more aggressive, so I just decided to stay there after that. Yeah, I mean, for me, I have been practising drop shots a lot just for fun.

I decided to play a few in the match because I think when I get in the position to either hit a winner, I think people start backing up anyways, so I think that in a way could also be considered a good shot to hit. I had a lot of fun.’

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