1. Mike is the man he always has been of all the heavyweight champions of the world he remains my favorite he went through hell and back and had to endures lots of criticism from unsympathetic people who donโ€™t have the slightest idea about what he had been through now he raising a young girl that is not easy but he doing a great job keep it up champ you will definitely be my champion for all times the one and only Iron Mike Tyson

  2. It's so beautiful to see Mike give his daughter the life that at his age he would never have the opportunities that she has. He is also spot on that the parallels between boxing and tennis are so similar.

  3. mike once mentioned manny's fight as sensational. but i have seen none compared to iron mike's days. awesome, sensational, brutal and every great word that can be attributed to his fight career. he is even better now as a Dad.. AWESOME!

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