1. his game is beautiful because of his backhand?? his backhand is the only part of his game that doesn't look pretty, his forehand is the most beautiful ever, his movement is lovely, volleys…

  2. Roger Federer is very unique person and he is so well in whatever he does with class as always , in tennis promotion and successful career , ambassador of the game, help poor people in some countries, the list goes on ………….,,,,,,,,,,,,,. yet still very humble person when meet for an interview and about his sucsess in life ! always have been fan of him and big admiration for many in my eyes and around the gloub! wish him well for Wimbledon next week start. hope number 9 is going to be in the capinant of the trophy (πŸ†) 😊

  3. The fact of the matter is is that Roger has the lines of a dancer. You can see it in the way he gestures, you can see it in the way he stands; he has a uniquely artistic frame that wound lend itself well to a multitude of athletic performances. I guarantee there are many dance instructors the world over who watch Roger play and tut away at such a wonderful talent being squandered on a tennis court, lol.

  4. Roger Federer is such an honest human being. I love how he talks about his life, family, and passion for tennis. I wish they would make a longer documentary. If they do a movie, I would only like it if Roger and Mirka starred in it themselves: that would be super interesting.

  5. I think another big factor why he looks so smooth and can pull off amazing shots is because of his relaxed style as his not as physically rigid and stiff as other players and this enables him to generate maximum raquet head speed and have the best feal and touch on the ball.

  6. I think his humble background has kept him grounded all the way. It's so easy to get carried away with fame and fortune, but he has managed to keep his own integrity as a person. I've always been a fan but I respect him even more now

  7. He speaks sooo well🀩🀩😘🀩😘🀩😘
    He's good in whatever he does…!

    1)Plays well
    2)Earns well
    3)Gives back to the needy through his foundation
    4)Respects his parents
    5)Role model for the Youngsters
    6)Has a great family, even he has done well in this aspect with 2 sets of twinsπŸ˜‰
    7)Humble guy
    8)And even God will be happy for creating him 🀩🀩🀩

    #Roger the GOATΒ  πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    The Great Great GOAT 😍😍😍

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