1. you can see that nadal can express himself much freely in his own language, this way you can see his intelligent side and the depth of his answers. In english its logical that he only uses words that he can find and therefore he can sound boring real quick.

  2. In a way It's good they got him to speak in Spanish. That way he can express himself without worrying about finding the right words. A native language allows for a fully culminated response, not merely a functional answer

  3. That shows how good he is. He grown up on clay (slowest surface). Played for the first time on grass when he was 16 (the fastest surface) and adapted himself to made the hardest transition to win 2 Wimbledons by beating one time the GOAT on grass. People judge him only on clay, but for me he made the best adaptation on all surfaces when you know where he comes from (clay court).

    I'm hoping for a 3rd Wimbledon this year, VAMOS!

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