Simple Guide to Fantastic Volley Footwork

Simple Guide to Fantastic Volley Footwork

You’d be amazed at how solid footwork on your volley can improve your shot for the better. Learn when and how to split step and how to correctly time your volleys using your body, not your arm and wrist. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below!

Also, click here for a highlight video featuring Pat Rafter. Now that’s how volley footwork should look!

For more volley tips, check out these easy-to-follow videos:

Blair DiSesa Henley is a USPTA Certified (P1) tennis professional with over ten years of teaching experience. She is also a writer for Tennis Now.

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  1. I love these videos but I hate how I always have to do the opposite of what is said because I am left handed. But it does come with it's advantages, its great playing against right handed players.

  2. Wow, I have been struggling with my forehand volleys . The foot work clears up a major issue for me. I'm left handed , so on my forehand to would step forward with my right leg and left leg on my back hand. Simple. Thank you for the helpful video ; you rock .

  3. this video is really a big help for me on how to practice volleying. For years that's my weakest shot so i have to learn proper footwork to execute it well… thanks for this video…

  4. At 2:18 you step to the right with your right leg when a ball is coming at your body to complete a backhand volley. Also, at 2:24 you step to the left with your left leg when a ball is coming at your body to complete a forehand volley. Is that the best way to get out of the way of a shot towards the body?

  5. Great instructions again! I noticed your moving footwork in between shots. How important is that? Overall, all your movements flow beautifully and effortless.

  6. I learned the cross court approach is a bad way to approach from playing a 5.0+ player that passed me cross court every single time if i don't do an extremely good cross court approach. Maybe i'm just playing with a guy with a very good stroke, but he pass me very easily when i try an approach shot at net. But thx for the tip.

  7. I know, i play double a lot so i'm used to the open stance when someone hit a hard shot at me, I just had problems with covering the court when i'm approaching net in single.

  8. Oh! I've been doing it all wrong! Moving my left leg to the right and right leg to the left really helps me cover more ground, thanks for the great tips! It would be great if you could make videos of how be a good defensive player. I'm usually an offensive player, when i'm forced to go into defensive position, I can't seem to save myself.

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