Serena Williams changed women’s tennis, says Caroline Wozniacki’s father

Serena Williams changed women’s tennis, says Caroline Wozniacki’s father

Piotr Wozniacki believes tennis is very different nowadays than it was in the past. Speaking to reporters in Singapore on Monday during a press conference, the world No. 2 Caroline’s father and coach said: ‘They change everything.

We see ten years ago or today this is, wow, I see so much serious. We looking for many winners. This time coming to Serena (Williams) winners. They change tennis, woman tennis. We can see today, no chance this time — I saw tennis many years ago, so Navratilova play and many these old styles play.

But tennis more techniques, fun, you watching this, you go to that, or see everything. But also racquets are difference, strings different, everything different. Today, come on. It takes some automat machine, everything working.

You take racquets, I can play. I can play power, yeah? Look, my muscle, no muscle, but I can play power. So this is a huge difference or plus be working, working, working. This time we played three, four days of practice, three, four days every week.

Today they practice three, minimum three times every day, guys. So this is a different story. Plus I talking only from woman’s side. Looking today doesn’t matter what kind of discipline we take. We take, for example, golf.

A woman, maybe 20,000, 30,000 they can win that they play or win a big tournament. If we take here, very popular, maybe badminton, best one, yeah? They play maybe one billion people badminton in Asia, yeah? How much can make, 15,000? But you take Formula 1.

Zero women. We take football, soccer, men’s, come on, big stars, Hollywood. Woman? So this is we see only one spot. This spot coming here, this is tennis, prestige for women, money for the woman, the same as for men, more, more every day.

Coming for Osaka, from one day to the second day. Wow, played good, strong, smile, represent two countries, yes? Maybe three. Father is from the Caribbean, yeah, but live U.S. Mother is from Japan. Look today. This is a Japanese place, I come in from this site.

But this is good. This is very good for a woman, from a woman’s side. This sport today you’re talking ten years ago or today, huge difference, huge difference. For me this is fantastic. I can see this thing. I can see from inside or from outside.’ ALSO READ: Roger Federer: ‘Last few months have been tough and we all know why’ .


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