Roger Federer’s Funniest Moments

Roger Federer’s Funniest Moments

While he may be best known for his incomparable skill on the tennis court, Roger Federer also has a solid sense of humor. We compiled some of his greatest hits (and giggles) for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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  1. Pretty sure "pink elephant" is slang for a very hung, white cock.  And you know what "peanut" he's going to feed that pink elephant…  (  *  )

  2. Federer and Nadal are shy, they don't have the "funny thing" in them. Their personality is pretty much like Pete Sampras IMO. Conversely, Djokovic, Roddick, as well as Agassi, are real funny extroverts, they don't look forced or unnatural when they joke around or are in the spotlight when not playing tennis, because that's their character, they are naturally funny and humorous people. Honestly I found very, very hard to see anything funny or humorous in this compilation, most of it was a bit embarrassing because one could see how uncomfortable Roger is in the spotlight, when not playing tennis. Now when it comes to playing tennis, Roger does magic, like no one else ever can and could, but personality-wise… just not there

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