Roger Federer won’t play ATP 250s to break Jimmy Connors’ historical record

Roger Federer won’t play ATP 250s to break Jimmy Connors’ historical record

Roger Federer is 11 ATP titles away from equalling Jimmy Connors’ 109 trophies on the ATP Tour. The Swiss plays almost only mandatory tournaments and some 500s like Basel and Halle, which makes it difficult to really get closer to Connors.

Should he play more 250s? ‘To be honest, I already thought about it, because winning titles is a priority to me’, Federer told Baz Online. ‘I would be probably happier it I won an ATP 250 instead of reaching a Masters 1000 semifinal.

It’s a schedule question. There are two, three Masters that are important to me: Indian Wells, Cincinnati and Shanghai. Then I understood that I have not a lot of room to add 250 events. So I prefer to suit to the usual routine – with one, two changes time by time.’ Federer also admitted that winning his 21st Grand Slam title and 100th career-title ‘would be special’.

‘It’s a magical number. I would have never thought that I would get to 98. It’s important that I keep enjoying. If I lose it or if I feel painful, it will be important to see it and stop in time.’ Is Federer tired to speak about his age? ‘I have been answering these questions since 2009, it’s not a problem for me anymore.

In the right context, these questions can be right, but sometimes simply inappropriate. But they are never bad because look: I think it’s beautiful to play at 37, I would have never thought to do it. Ten years ago, I stopped skiing because I thought to be done.’ ALSO READ: Roger Federer: ‘Last few months have been tough and we all know why’ .


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