‘Roger Federer is more elegant than you expect’

‘Roger Federer is more elegant than you expect’

Mikaela Shiffrin met Roger Federer in New York this year for a Barilla event and the 23-year-old skier really enjoyed her experience. In a recent interview to CNN, Shiffrin said: ‘Maybe I got him on a good day, but he was kind, he was engaged with every single person that he spoke to.

He was so happy and smiley and easy to talk to. He put the effort in to make it easy. It was so cool for me to see that it’s possible to be an athlete of his caliber and to be more elegant and more generous and nicer than what you expect.

To see that he can still maintain this mature and modest attitude, I’m like, ‘What is everybody else doing?'” Shiffrin also spoke about a recent photoshoot she had: ‘The point for me was to say I’m here and I can be hot or sexy or whatever you want to call me but you don’t objectify me because I’m in a bikini — I’m also pretty awesome based off my success in the sport.

And for little girls out there who are growing up and they want to be something more than themselves … like, you’re enough. This day and age the image of what sexy is, is sort of changing. It’s taking a lot of effort, it’s taking plus-size models and more athletes who walk the red carpet, and for people to see that there’s not just one kind of body type or figure that’s sexy or one kind of face.

But it takes a while and you still think, ‘I want to look really beautiful tonight — I’m going to put on makeup, I’m going to do my hair.’ The most important thing is that you just stay true to your own idea of what is beautiful.’ ALSO READ: Roger Federer: ‘It’s clear the RF logo will be returned to me one day‘ .


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