‘Rafael Nadal is great champion and person.He is unique’

‘Rafael Nadal is great champion and person.He is unique’

In an interview to Corriere della Sera Rafael Nadal’s Carlos Moya spoke about their relationship and great co-operation on the tennis court. ‘There is a friendship between us. And deep respect, also of roles‘, Moya confessed.

Nadal dealt with a hip and knee injuries this year and could not compete for several months. Moya believes that changing his game can help him to play longer: ‘He is not 20 years old, he cannot run from one side of the court to another.

We asked him to become a little more aggressive and to shorten the rallies. His experience and knowledge of the game influenced.’ What makes Nadal special? ‘The fact of being normal: a great person before being a great champion.

He ways know to fight, he knows to win but also loses. He is unique.’ Moya believes that tennis players are now more professional, which is the key of longevity. ‘At my time we came to the tournament with four rackets and a couple of shoes.

Now there is a team featuring coach, fitness trainer, so many people. Players also take care more about their bodies.’ In 2019 Nadal hopes to play the Davis Cup in Madrid, which is definitely a good news for Gerard Pique, the Founder and President of Kosmos.

‘On behalf of Kosmos Tennis, I would like to thank the Comunidad de Madrid and the Ayuntamiento de Madrid for their impressive joint effort to bring us together here, as we officially present what will be, without doubt, one of the greatest sports events worldwide in the next few years.

The path we initiated with the International Tennis Federation last August joins a city and a region that throughout their history have shown their capacity to host this kind of event. We still have months ahead of us full of work, commitment and excitement’, said Pique.

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