Players are now more friendly thanks to Roger Federer, says Davenport

Players are now more friendly thanks to Roger Federer, says Davenport

Lindsay Davenport believes that players are now more friendly after looking at Roger Federer who has always stood out for his great sportsmanship. The Swiss player managed to build an honest relationship with legends like Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic despite the many closes battles they have had against each other.

‘It seems pretty friendly right now,’ said Davenport. ‘I think there is a really nice environment and a great atmosphere, especially between some of the veteran players helping some of the younger players out.

It’s a very pleasant atmosphere, I’d have to say, around the locker rooms. I felt like the best weeks that I had to get to know players when I was playing were the Fed Cup weeks or the Olympic weeks, not necessarily during the tournaments.

And even though maybe we had smaller teams, I still think we kept to ourselves quite a bit. Not always, but I really feel like in the mid-2000 years there was a huge shift of the attitudes of the top players and being more friendly and being more giving, and a lot of that had to do with players like Roger coming up, and Kim is always so friendly.

I just felt like it really kind of changed where people were a little bit, definitely in the ’90s, a lot more quiet, into themselves, and then it started to become better, no? I hope?’ Federer defeated Filip Krajinovic in Basel and will face Jan-Lennard Struff in the second round on Thursday.

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