1. His Defence against top players is ABOVE their own offence, ffs can you not see?! He is fucking up their best offence and sending it back after he takes it apart ruthlessly ! And for me that is not disappointing BUT the very thing that amazes me about his whole game, WTF?! He doesn’t even need offence in his game.


  3. He is definitely back to business.
    It's really good to see him back to that level. I hope the same for Murray and Stan who are also missing i think.
    Never a good feeling to see great players injured.
    Hope they will all be fine before next season.

  4. Simply phenomenal to watch the way Djokovic applied his mastery on the court – his defence played in an offensive way. He always likes to attack the opponent's strengths head on – in this case he attacked Delpo's strength fighting forehand to forehand. Nole really is the true Master Player!! The race to No.1 and more slam counts just got more interesting!!

  5. Who believed that Novak Djokovic would end half of 2018 as two-fold grandslam winner after seeing him barely win 10-15 matches in the first 6 months of the 2018 season. But a huge champion like Novak Djokovic can of course come back and he has really done that. After winning Wimbledon, I was quick to say to people to take it easy about him being really back big times. And I was saying that Djokovic is probably not back like old glory days where he won several grandslam titles per season. But now even one like me (who gets not convinced easily) is convinced that Novak Djokovic is back in real seriousness.

    Does he play the tennis of his life? (as some claim) no, he does not do it. For me, he still was better both in 2011 and 2015 those monstrous years he was unplayable and more or less unbeatable which is actually not the case now. And that time his backhand was unscrupulous where he could hit winners with it from all sides of the court. But nowdays his backhand is for sure solid (especially after French Open) but he does actually not hit way to many winners with that shot especially not excessively many times like his monstrous years 2011 and 2015 at least not in my opinion.

    The final outcome and match image was pretty expected. Djokovic pumped all the balls against Del Potro's not crazy strong backhand (something Federer should do more of when he meets Del Potro but unfortunately does not do it) and it is impossible to defeat such a rock solid Djokovic just with a ruthless forhand. Because, in fact, the only huge major weapon the Argentine actually has is his unscrupulous forhand. Everybody knows that his backhand is a weakness (after all his wrist operations) and the returns are not excessively strong either. And even his serve is actually not super huge either, it's for sure good but considering how tall he is, it's not super great according to me.

    So Djokovic was clearly the favorite to win this final (considering he is well more complete as a tennis player than Del Potro is) which he did as well. I must say however though, that I'm a little surprised that so many believed that Del Potro (in social medias and youtube as well) would defeat Djokovic?? In any case congratulations Novak Djokovic to your 14th grandslam title (now you have as many as the legend Pete Sampras) and hardly your last either. And last but definitely not least thank you Novak Djokovic once again (Wimbledon earlier as well) for the money I won on beting on you as the US Open winner.

  6. He's an epitomy of a gemini😉
    His best is second to none…his average is forgettable…but still very good…just frustrating to watch…most of the times!😎
    He's by far Serbian most elite and decorated athlete of all time.
    He's a reincarnated Nikola Tesla…I can bet my life on it!😉

  7. Was screaming and shouting in my room between 4am til 7am…neighbors came out and call mom's attention and asked what was happening…mom knocked my door and got so mad…i told her im screaming for my idol, the one and only novak djokovic…i deserve to be taken out on a date by u mr djoko..haha..luv u..u made my day..thanks for not disappointing your fans

  8. Federer is playing in 3 generations passed his own, and still in the top 5. Actually as a hardcore Federer fan, I think that Djokovic is better than Federer at their own respective peaks – but when people disrespect players such as Roddick and Hewitt who were also fantastic players, who played great tennis for their own generation, shows that they lack the understanding of tennis and just sports in general.

    Federer is like a Michael Jordan, or a Bruce Lee, who exceeded their generations talent to evolve the art. Djokovic has built on top of that. Comparing different generations of talent is a silly argument – At that point in time, the top players of the world were the best talents you could find , for the circumstances given. These being anything to do with technology, medical knowledge, training knowledge, finances and many variables.

    Yes Federer has played in today's game, but he began to do so late in his 20's. Give him the same time frame to grow up at a young age in the same circumstances today, and he would be a better player. This is evident by the fact that he has notably improved his technique and refined his game, even at the age of 36/37 years old, and watching old clips of him he is a better player – if he had his young athletic body and speed again, things may just be a different story

    For any generation of sports, the highest level of athletes adapt to their given environment and make the best of that – meaning, if they were young and healthy and played in today's game, they would adapt just the same, and still be the world's best players.

    Obviously, there still has to be a ranking beyond them, but to dismiss what they did, or their skills, is just dumb. Considering that you could probably put people like Pete Sampras in today's game with his old skill set and still be able to hold his own, but give him the same amount of time to adapt, and he would be a completely different animal.

    Rant over -TLDR

  9. Djokovic has winning records against Nadal & Federer. Since 2011 Federer has won 4 majors, Djokovic 13…. Who did Federer actually beat to win the 16 slams prior to 2011? Primarily the likes of Roddick & Hewitt, lol.. Federer is so good at demolishing lesser players but when he’s up against the likes of Djokovic/Nadal he cracks..

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