My daughters do not have a mobile phone, says Roger Federer

My daughters do not have a mobile phone, says Roger Federer

Roger Federer’s daughters, Myla and Charlene, are nine years old but they do not use any mobile phone. In an interview to Baz Online, the 37-year-old explained how he and his wife Mirka manage to make their children stay away from social media and stuff.

There is so much here, we often stay together like a family and we see our friends regularly’, said Federer. ‘That’s why it’s not so necessary. I know: it would be easy to give them a mobile phone.

But I would like to make it happen as late as possible, so that they grow like me. Yeah, they have a very different life but I may give them a little bit more normality. They do not push it (laughter). I do not want to be totally contrary on it, the mobile phone gives us a lot of advantages.

But it’s clear: you have to be careful.’ Commenting on tennis players getting heavily criticized on social media, Federer added: ‘Absolutely, the abuse sometimes gets extreme limits. You do not even have to read this stuff.

If I lose, I will not go on social media for a few days, so I don’t read people saying Roger is so bad that he should stop. But you can never be always happy in life.’ Federer is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram having tens of million followers.

Commenting on his social media management, he commented: ‘It’s important to use them correctly. For celebrities, platforms are now a sort of homepages, I think it’s a good. I have a voice there, for example I can correct if someone quotes me saying something wrong.

I can say: Sorry, I did not tell it.’ ALSO READ: ‘Roger Federer should never play on clay again’ – Andy Roddick .


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