‘Me and my wife Mirka learn a lot from our four children’

‘Me and my wife Mirka learn a lot from our four children’

In order to become a professional tennis player, you have to travel around the world from a very young age. No exception was made for Roger Federer who appreciates every of his trip with his wife and children.

My childhood was good‘, the world No. 3 said. ‘And I wanted my children to experience something similar. At the same time, I think: “Oh God, I would have liked to live it at his age”. But it was not possible.

My father worked. Children learned a lot from us, but we learn from them as well. And Mirka and I are particularly happy obviously that they enjoy a lot in all trips.’ Commenting on how his children feel in moving from one side of the world to another, Federer added: ‘It’s very interesting.

I speak first of girls; boys are still too young. It was our first time together in Tokyo and Shanghai. They were completely fascinated. You need to be careful that all these things do not suddenly become normal for them and they are like: That’s life.

I spoke about it recently. I want them to know that all the trips are special. Normal is what I did this (Friday) morning with guys: we were in the woods, then we came back home and we had lunch together. Boys slowly understand that I am more famous than other parents and that I get photographed more often.’ ALSO READ: ‘Roger Federer should never play on clay again’ – Andy Roddick .


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