Maria Sharapova reveals how tennis keeps her motivated

Maria Sharapova reveals how tennis keeps her motivated

Maria Sharapova believes that there are many reasons why she manages to stay motivated over the time. ‘The sport itself, personally it’s not old at all. It’s actually very motivational because the work that you do is the time where you really have to motivate yourself because it’s only you and your team and a very close surrounding‘, said Sharapova in a recent press conference.

‘It can be cold, can be really hot, and you just have to go out and improve. So those are the types of moments that you really have to motivate yourself. But when you’re walking through a tunnel and you’re going on centre court to play in front of thousands of people, if you don’t have the motivation to do that and to be excited and lucky, to be in front of them, you know, I don’t know if that’s not good, you know.

You probably shouldn’t be doing it.’ After all this time, does she still learn something about the game or herself every time she plays a match? ‘Yeah, absolutely. Every match brings you in different types of circumstances.

During all the matches, when you have to fight and you have to pull it through, that’s always when I look at it. And sometimes, as tough as it is, I always think that this is really why I play, because I love that competitiveness.

I love those situations where you really have to dig it out, whether you’re down or you have the momentum or things change. It’s such a mind game, as well, this sport, that so many things can happen. It’s just you and whoever you’re facing against.’ ALSO READ: Roger Federer: ‘It’s clear the RF logo will be returned to me one day‘ .


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