It was not easy to deal with opinions over my body, says Elina Svitolina

It was not easy to deal with opinions over my body, says Elina Svitolina

Elina Svitolina believes that working with a mysterious man helped her to get through the criticism due to her big loss of weight and get focused on tennis again. The Ukrainian player won the group stage at the WTA Finals in Singapore to reach the semis.

For me, going into this tournament was very important mentally to bounce back, and, you know, I had really, really tough second part of the season. I was actually — I was actually surprised because I was very positive and I just keep fighting’, said Svitolina.

‘I stopped with my coach, with Thierry, and it was not easy. With all the things going on social media, with the opinions about my physique, it wasn’t easy. So this really shows, and I think I’m getting mentally tough.

That’s what I have been working on really hard. Yeah, definitely Andy [Bettles, my travelling coach] helps me a lot, and it’s something that really I appreciate it.’ Svitolina added: ‘It’s tough to spot a few things, but I have been working with Andy, and it’s like one more person that helps me, I had a conversation with.

So I’m not going to say who’s that. Keep it to a mysterious man who made it clear what I have to do, and it a little bit opened my mind. So I’m really thankful for that man.’ Asked what lessons she feels she learned from the last six months, Svitolina said: “By knowing that I have to look only on my path and to don’t — you know, there is a thousand opinions, million opinions.

I just have to do my job and go to court. I’m trying to win every point. I’m not giving any free points. Just want to continue that way.’ ALSO READ: Roger Federer: ‘It’s clear the RF logo will be returned to me one day‘ .


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