‘I travel around the world staying in a bubble’

‘I travel around the world staying in a bubble’

Every year Roger Federer travels over the world in many beautiful countries like China or Australia, but for him, the time he spends in Switzerland is unique and represents a rare privilege. In an interview to Baz Federer said he goes to different continents ‘as a tennis superstar, I move a little bit like in a bubble there.

But Switzerland is not even close to these places I just try to do what I can do best: playing the game’, said Federer. ‘I like to travel as a tourist. The culture, food, architecture interest me a lot. But obviously, it’s not the main thing.

If you travel a lot, you feel you need to go home and that’s why I am happy I realized early that I wanted to stay in Switzerland so that my children could grow in such an unbelievable country. There are good people, beautiful lakes and mountains, rivers.

It’s in the middle of Europe.’ Federer also revealed what he likes the most about his country: ‘The fresh air here! I travelled for almost three months: in Shanghai, Tokyo, Chicago and New York. Just in the middle, I was for a few days in Switzerland.

Here you can simply open the window and when you are out there, you make a deep breath, it’s a wonderful feeling. These little things make our country so special.’ Commenting on his future, Federer added: ‘Right now we are not yet planning 2020, currently we are planning 2019 after this year’s World Tour Finals I will decide If I play on clay next year! I will play Match for Africa 6 maybe in Japan next year and Bill Gates would be on board too.’ ALSO READ: Roger Federer: ‘Last few months have been tough and we all know why’ .


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