‘I injured my wrist at 2016 Rio’

‘I injured my wrist at 2016 Rio’

Novak Djokovic’s first half of the 2016 season was unbelievably great as he won Australian and French Open, Indian Wells and Miami, Madrid. Then the Serbian player dropped physically and he dealt with elbow and arm issues. ‘Now if I could turn back the time, and I do not like to that, because I have never regretted anything in my life, I believe that everything in life happens with a reason and that everything that happens is a lecture for us, which we should learn from‘, Djokovic said.

‘I really do not regret a thing and I would change nothing. That I could probably make some better decisions in certain moments, that is probably true. For example, after Roland-Garros, probably after the US Open that year, Rio came at an ideal moment, you mentioned the Olympic Games, I was at my peak then.

I had won four Grand Slams in a row, I was World Number one, absolutely dominant, I have won a tournament in Toronto, one of the biggest tournaments, without losing a set, a week before Rio. Really pumped with confidence I came to Rio and two days before Rio I had a wrist injury.

In those two days, I tried in every single way possible, with every single person from medical staff, doctors, orthopaedics, to find a solution to enable me to be at my maximum. My left wrist that I have never before injured in my whole career.’ ALSO READ: ‘Roger Federer should never play on clay again’ – Andy Roddick .


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