‘I don’t like on-court coaching’

‘I don’t like on-court coaching’

The former world No. 1 Monica Seles believes on-court coaching should not be introduced in the Grand Slams on the female side. Just one month and a half ago Serena Williams was involved in a controversy with the chair umpire Carlos Ramos at the US Open, and in a recent letter, her coach Patrick Mouratoglou explained the reasons that should lead tennis authorities to introduce the rule.

Seles said: ‘My feeling is, as a former player, I personally don’t like the on-court coaching. I think as a player at the highest level in your profession, you should be able to think for yourself. My dad always used to say before I stepped on court two things: ‘Move your feet and think.’ Lindsay Davenport is unsure about the topic as well: ‘I think another topic to that whole conversation is is that like another advantage to the top players? What about all the players may be ranked, I don’t know where that number is, 60 and below, that can’t afford a coach every week?’ Jennifer Capriati said: ‘I’m kind of on the fence about it.

Part of it is when you’re there, I mean how much can a coach do at that point? If you need a coach at that point, I think you’re kind of lost. Then I thought about myself and playing, it could have maybe made all the difference in the world’, concluded Capriati.

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