‘I am a monster in fitness, not many guys can compete with me’

‘I am a monster in fitness, not many guys can compete with me’

In Basel Alexander Zverev largely spoke about his relationship with Ivan Lendl. They started working together on a consistent basis after Wimbledon, Lendl is a close Zverev’s family and they hope to have success together.

We are still at honeymoon stage‘, the world No. 5 laughed. ‘Everything is beautiful. I have picked him to improve my game and i hope to win the biggest tournaments in the world. Ivan showed his qualities as Andy Murray’s coach and his experience will help a lot.’ Zverev has two coaches: not only Lendl but clearly his father Alexander Sr.

as well. ‘My father and Ivan know each other very well. The partnership works perfectly.’ Lendl won his maiden Grand Slam title on his 19th appearance and after losing four finals, which proves that in such big tournaments it can be difficult at the beginning. ‘I cannot say that it’s going bad now, I am happy with my good position.

But I am impatient and I hope that it’s true for any big player. We want to have everything now and straightaway, but sometimes it doesn’t happen like this.’ Sometimes Zverev competes with Lendl in fitness training.

He was the fittest player at his time. Is he still crazy? ‘Absolutely. But I am a monster. I am almost two meters tall, on this aspect not many players could compete with me.’ In what did Lendl help him so far? ‘Mental aspects.

Improving is a process. When you start working together, you need to be patient. We need a little more time together. I am looking forward to next year.’ ALSO READ: ‘Roger Federer should never play on clay again’ – Andy Roddick .


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