How to Hit a Kick Serve | Tennis Now Instructionals

How to Hit a Kick Serve | Tennis Now Instructionals

The kick serve is a difficult shot to master, so why bother? The answer is simple: rhythm. Adding a high-bouncing spin serve to your repertoire allows you to keep your opponents guessing, preventing them from settling into a comfortable routine on the other side of the net. By avoiding a predictable pattern with your spin and placement, you make each serve more effective. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a good kick serve, you know they can be tough to return. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and start breaking your opponent’s return rhythm today.

Blair DiSesa Henley is a USPTA Certified (P1) tennis professional with over 10 years of teaching experience. She is also a former Division I tennis player and a writer for Tennis Now.

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  1. Hi–Everything you said is right on about that serve. I just wondered why you thought you had to wear a frilly skirt to do the instruction? Wouldn't shorts be more appropriate? It kind of look like you are about to go out to a cocktail party.

  2. Awesome explanation. I am going to try this – but I don't know if my wrist can loosen up enough – most good club players have flat or slice serves – I only know of one player in my county who can do a real kick serve. But he is an ex-international. He uses it as his second serve but to be honest it is harder to return than his first serve. Unbelievably effective.

  3. Excellent video and excellent form, rhythm. Btw, changing the position of the front foot should allow to adjust the placement of the kick (and other serves) to add variety too. If you have a leftie, you will be serving every time into his or her strike zone and that is why righties get killed by lefties. Go Federer.

  4. No Jane, It's a myth that pros use or try to use the same toss for all serves in order to fool the opponent.. This is impossible because you can't hit a slice and a top spin using the same or similar toss and there would be no reason to try and fool anyone because pro players already know that the first serve is never going to be a top spin serve and the 2nd serve is almost always going to be a top spin serve. The only question is where they are going to place the ball so the toss for a slice down the line is very similar to a toss for a slice to the corner of the box.

  5. 7 to 1. I've heard some pros even say 8 to 3 so it kicks even more. By swinging into the court there would be less kick. Plus, this kick demo does not stress keeping the shoulders a little more closed like the other videos. Honestly, as a seasoned player myself, I feel some important details were left out.

  6. Beautiful explanation. I had never hit a kick serve in my life until taking these tips. Within 15 minutes I went from not being able to get the ball over the net to hitting decent top spin serves. Thanks!

  7. wow you got this casual to try and teach me something. come on the 12 year olds i train serve better than her. she is juat as athletic as my grandmother (who is not very athletic)

  8. How does one ascend mortality to become better then on our best day;consistently …(how does one become as good as pros without the resources that pros have) practice that Is correct form and time..aswell as physical increase..what more

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