Groundstroke Low to High – Brush Like Djokovic

Groundstroke Low to High – Brush Like Djokovic

You’ve heard it before. You must brush up the back of the ball on your groundstrokes in order to create spin and therefore control. Whether beginner or advanced, learning how to effectively accelerate from low to high will be a plus for your game. Check out these simple tips, and feel free to leave questions in the comment section below.

Here’s some great low to high from Novak Djokovic:

Blair DiSesa Henley is a USPTA Certified (P1) tennis professional with over ten years of teaching experience. She is also a writer for Tennis Now.

For more easy to follow groundstroke tips, check out these videos:

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  1. Las mujeres casi todas le pegan plano por más que relajen la muñeca para liftar jjj es muy diferente el tenis de las mujeres con el de los hombres; por la fisonomía misma. Sin ofender

  2. You definitely put some zip on the ball! I'm a wheelchair player and have some difficulty generating pace. I notice you're very loose. Is that important? I tend to be tight and take too big a swing and end up hitting off-centre.

  3. Why on your backhand side do you take a shortcut bringing the racket straight down? Missing a piece there…
    Good video but skipping through a very important part of starting with a racket on a "high" position before dropping low below the ball… The swing should never stop once it starts drawing back on a "high" position.

  4. Not bad, modern forehands do finish in loads of different places though, so I like to emphasise the low part, then acceleration up through the ball. Need to also be careful with low to high, as thinking this way can stop proper extension forwards through the ball. Again, just focusing on low and then accelerating though contact can help.

  5. Im so sorry but your forehand swing looks like somewhat 1990's swing,, specially follow thru and finish,, modern tennis pros dont finish high like you do,,, so im not watching your lesson no more,,

  6. I know this is quite a late comment but oh well. How would the low to high work on high bouncing balls where contact is shoulder height? I try to do this but my racket face opens up and balls go flying flat into the back fence. Thanks

  7. The pros don't do that, they put the racquet face to parallel to the ground, and then push their wrist over and through the ball. they finish with there elbow  higher than their racquet wrist.

  8. i've improved alot in playing tennis for the past few years and i am self thought…this video however helps  my game much better cause lately my groundstrokes goes just about few inches on the base line .. thanks alot.. great help

  9. Great tips. I particularly like your forehands where you have almost a semi-western grip, but still have traditional swing path which creates a good combination of spin and penetration.  This is something I'm trying to apply on my own forehands.  Thanks!

  10. Great video! I have a question, when hitting a forehand should you bend your wrist backwards then accelerate snapping your wrist forwards whilst following through with your arm to get topspin? I hope you understand what I mean.

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