Grigor Dimitrov speaks about his chances to win a Grand Slam title

Grigor Dimitrov speaks about his chances to win a Grand Slam title

Grigor Dimitrov knows it feels to get far in a Grand Slam. The Bulgarian player reached the 2014 Wimbledon and 2017 Australian Open semifinals and especially in Melbourne two years ago he got very close to the final losing to Rafael Nadal in five sets.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming Australian Open, Dimitrov said: “I’ve proven to myself I can do well. I’ve won big tournaments like Cincinnati and have been a few times in the quarters and semis of a grand slam.

It’s just about the next step right now. How far am I (off winning a major)? I wish I could tell you but if you’re out there trying every day then that’s all that matters. You just never know which week or which tournament turns out to be your tournament.

I just need to keep doing the right things, practice the right way and be good to people – do your duty as a person and then let it (success) happen. This is what I want to do obviously, play tennis, this is my choice so if I’m (number) three in the world or four or five or 50, it’s not going to change who I am.

But of course, I will love to do better, to get back in the top 10 and potentially get even higher than what I’ve been so far. I’ve got to take it one step at a time, one match at a time and one tournament at a time and then hopefully things will fall good for us.” ALSO READ: Djokovic would beat Roger Federer in Australian Open final – Evert


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