Greg Rusedski shares his views on Alexander Zverev

Greg Rusedski shares his views on Alexander Zverev

According to former Brit No.1 tennis player Greg Rusedski, Alexander Zverev leads the list of players from the next generation who will have a shot at winning a Grand Slam. “You look at 2019, coming up, which guy is going to say ‘I am going to get to a Grand Slam final?’ If you look at all the Grand Slam winners they are all over the age of 30.

Zverev with Lendl is the one that has got the chance in my opinion to possibly win one but nerves are a question mark,” he stated. Digging deeper into Zverev’s game, the Brit commented, “His forehand comes into play.

Can Lendl in the next six months to a year change that? If anybody can it is Ivan so for me he is the one who has the best shot of winning a Slam.” “The one you look at with the potential is [Nick] Kyrgios but he doesn’t have the work ethic or the mentality,” Rusedski added.

“That is the problem there and I don’t think that is ever going to change. I wish he would change that but I don’t think he is going to. If he does then he goes into the picture.” Mentioning other young guns, Rusedski said, “Denis Shapovalov is still some way away, a year younger than [Stefanos] Tsitsipas, and then you put Edmund in that group because he has still got potential to get in the top 10.” He ended by saying, “I don’t see one grasping it just yet and that is the problem.” ALSO READ Roger Federer on wrist injury: ‘The more I was playing, the more I felt it’ .


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