1. It was a wise Fed´s decision to skip most of the clay court season, he has little chances there and after 3 titles he must get some rest before the 2nd half of the year. Hopefully he returns to get another Slam and become #1

  2. some of uni bad mind fuckers stop it…..it was the same yelling that cause federer the 2008 Wimbledon finals against nadal ….so move from ya Gweeeeeh !!!! Pussy hole bad mind johncrow…..so uni low federer !!!

  3. The reason Nick was booed was he is a victim of his reputation. You want people to respect you? Start respecting your opponents, the game and act professional because you're supposed to be a professional athlete. I get he's super-talented and still young and I give him some slack because he's still finding his motivation and working on it with a psychologist. He showed great heart out there in his semi-final match and didn't fold in the second set after losing a tight first set. Great tennis was on display so Nick just needs to keep his nose to the grindstone, ignore the hecklers out there and it's only a matter of time he'll start winning titles. Keep your mouth shut and let the tennis do the talking and your fanbase will grow.

  4. There was a video listed 10 Federer's record that is almost impossible to break, however, I think there is 1 record that is DEFINITELY impossible to break: Won 2 Grand Slams both 5 times in a roll.

  5. The Federer vs Kyrgios matchup was an incredible high quality, gripping match which was spoilt by the ignorant Miami crowd with them jeering & booing Kyrgios right from the beginning. They didn't deserve or appreciate what they were watching instead more intent on effecting the outcome with constantly calling out during Kyrgios's points. I'm a huge Federer fan so I understand they wanted him to win but their behavior was a disgrace, have to say I was disappointed with Federer saying it was a 'good atmosphere' maybe for him but not Kyrgios & Mirka Federer's jeering along with them was just classless. Nick's response in his after match press conference was all class & very respectful.

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