1. He's a scorned ex-lover who has used his profession to destroy his former employer: Serena Williams….well done Sascha Bajn on your survival skills in this dog eat dog world….there is also an old saying: what goes around comes around (and in your case it will come back to haunt you)…good luck on surviving that!

  2. せレナって負けそうな時にこういう手を使うよね~

  3. This verbal abuse is part of an emboldened thuggish character who has earned infame and fortune. Remember Mike Tyson? When someone tells you that she will shove down a tennis ball on your throat, this is beyond verbal abuse. This is a ghetto physical thug behavior. I think She (Serena) is a dangerous thug. I hope fame and fortune does not ruin Naomi's character. Individuals are all different and so Naomi, I don't think fame and fortune will ever ruin her. But for media and the USTA to side with Serena? Might as well watch 'Modern Family' and sink into moral decay.

  4. Everybody wants Sasha now, because they want to be great like Serena. Having worked with Serena has made him in high demand and maybe the best in the business. I feel he deserves whatever success he gets. And I agree with the other comments, Sasha is definitely a good looking man.

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