1. 1) Nadal & Djokovic
    2) Federer
    3) Borg ( although he could have been No1 if he continued to play until 31-32 )
    4) Sampras
    5) Mc or Laver ( honestly I have never seen how Laver played )

    Why Djokovic and Nadal and not Federer? Cause they won almost all of their GS against Federer and he won almost all of his GS against players like Safin or Rodik ( Nalbandian could have been ahead of Federer ) . Rf fans will say that Novak and Rafa started to win RF only after his prime when he was 29-30 but although it has a point Nadal first started to beat him on clay and than ND on all the other surfaces. I don’t care if he ends up with more GS as this is not the only way to measure it ( e.g. to me Borg is ahead of Sampras although he has less GS ) . Nadal is a king of clay but also far more than this and he is the only one that could reach 20 GS but he could not be considered as all around player as on clay he is amazing and on other courts he is behind Fed and Novak. Novak in his prime ( and this was couple of years ) is the best and he won everything including 4GS at one point ( second after Laver ) in a competition of Nadal, still amazing Fed, Murray and some other great players but I don’t believe he would win 20 GS ( my estimation is 17-18 which is still amazing ). Problem with him is that he is not as elegant as RF or strong as Nadal. He is a human wall and a chess player. All in all these 3 are the best that tennis offered so far

  2. Ggr8est artiste of the game ever roger federer…37 n no.2 in tbe world i bet that wont b 4 others. Clnt careless who surpasses roger he is goat tennis artiste stats or no stats.

  3. 1. Federer&Nadal.
    2. Djokovic
    Nadal is the king of clay, but plays great on all surfaces. Holds more of a variety of all Grand Slams…
    Roger only has one French Open. Not a negative comment… He finally got it.
    Hmmm… if Nadal ties him, or passes him-they continue to play, Nadal has the edge with there one on one.
    I think if Nadal retired today, so would Federer I think he wants to keep that record with the most, keeps both players out there still dominating. Nadal is one tough player for still going the distance, clay is so hard on the body, he keeps grinding. I think if Federer played the French Open he would of retired by now. He knows he can't beat Rafa at the French. Roger knows in other surfaces it could go either way.
    Djokovic has kept both of these champions from taking more grand slams, during his Grand Slam year; before he slipped away for a bit, he was convincing he could catch either one. It has taken him now 2018 to reach a final, but hasn't lifted the trophy yet at Wimbledon which is today.
    Between the three it will be interesting to see how far in distance there willing to continue. Interesting thought, when Djokovic was out with injury Roger and Rafa took over the grand slams again, now that Novak is appearing to physically/mentally be back, he's back in a final, there not. It's hard to debate on this equation numbers we know who is ahead, but the ending to this story will be the greatest of all time no matter what🎾🏆🎾

  4. Fed fan here but Laver is GOAT even if Nadal and Fed reach 30 grandslams each. It is a fact that single grand slams are not the only thing that matters before and it shows in the lack of priority given by top player nowadays to doubles and lesser singles titles.

  5. Totally biased . It does not matter how many titles you won but in what kind of era you won. Rod laver had to play top players like Roy Emerson, Ken Rosewall, John Newcomb, Stan Smith, Tony roche etc and won all courts. He is no-1.Connors no-3 and Borg , they beat each other , Borg in Wimbledon and connors in US open , Mckenroe and lot of clay court players. sampras no-2 played most competitive era of tennis. There were 9 wimbledon champions and 12 french open champions andother big serving giants, clay and grass court palyers. No-4 Nadal because he head federer 21-14 which never happened in tennis history No-1 player lag behind no2. no-5 federer because he is successful because there is no competition. Lleyton Hewitt, RoddicK were in consistent. Then Nadal and Jokovich shared the ranking and Federer won French open when Nadal did not play.Nadal and Jokovich often injured too.

  6. federer has a better all around game…more records, titles and has been in more finals…..Nadal is very good…no doubt…BUT, dominating ONE tournament doesn't make a goat……nadal has never defended a gs title (other than the french)……there is a whole list of things that federer has done…that nadal hasn't…… a debate that will never end..

  7. The one who has more slams is the GOAT. So Federer in current scenerio is GOAT. But his main rival Nadal is still playing and 5 years younger than
    Federer. If Nadal surpasses Federer GS record than no stupid arguments will work that Nadal is clay court specialist. He has nothing left to prove on other surfaces. He has beaten prime Federer at Wimbledon and prime Djokovic at hard court slams and is the youngest player in history to complete career grand slam. So if Nadal has more GS at his retirement he will be the GOAT.

  8. 1. Borg
    2. Federer
    3. Nadal
    4. Djokovic
    5. Sampras
    6. Aggasi

    Brog retire at age of 26. Even that he win 11 major titles. INCREDIBLE! And he never go in AO. He lost 5 finals in US. Borg win 6 RG and 5 Wim. This is amazing and there is no player to reach this again! Win clay and grass back to back 5 times…. this is just BRUTAL record! Borg is the greatest. If he stay on the tour and stays away from drug … probably now he should have over 20 major titles! Another one thing…if he did not miss Australian open.
    Borg is the best and i say this as huge fan of Roger Federer!

  9. bullshit you cannot judge the goat there was different technology different ages and different eras you have to match the players with same age same raquet same string same tension and same players playing each other the same numbers of times Mc enroe is a bullshit analyst

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