Caroline Wozniacki buys $13.5 million property, unsure about tennis future

Caroline Wozniacki buys $13.5 million property, unsure about tennis future

Caroline Wozniacki was seriously thinking about retiring from tennis in 2016, she was about to leave top 100, then she reached the US Open semifinals and everything changed. Now in an interview to Ekstra Bladet the world No.

2 said she will definitely play in 2019 but does not know what she will do afterwards. ‘I did not look beyond‘, Wozniacki said. ‘I think always year by year. I never thought about it. I have not found an answer yet.

But when I will stop, I will be okay with that. It I want to relax a little bit or stay busy, I do not know it. I am not nervous either. I think the next year will still be exciting.’ Wozniacki and her fiancèe David Lee, a former NBA star, bought a $13.5 million property, that extends over 678,000 square feet, in Fisher Island.

Asked if they will live there, Wozniacki replied: ‘No, I think we will live a little bit in Europe and a little bit in the United States for a few years until we will not have kids going to school. Then you need to have a base somewhere.’ Commenting on how it feels to play the WTA Finals in Singapore, she added: It’s kind of a celebration of everyone’s season.

You know, everyone is excited to be here and everyone is excited also to play this last tournament, give it a go and try their best and go on vacation after. It’s just different, because, you know, there is only eight of us.

So basically every match is so tough, you don’t get any easy draws, don’t get any easy starts. Everyone is here to do their best and everyone is here to try and win. It’s different because we all do these events together, whereas, before the slams, some people have events to do; other people don’t.

Some people like to go out for dinner; some people don’t. But here, whether you like to go or not, we all go together and do it as a group.’ ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title .


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