1. ys da english language gotta b so hard 2 lern XD, sure, it makes a mockery of foreign ppl, but still, i bet the ppl at mensa r down rite pissed at this, or so it would be funny

  2. America doesnt even like football, I mean we have are own football, called American football, which is a little like glorified rugby. lol… I mean for some reason here in America, all little kids start playing football when they are little, but then after they turn 12 or 14 they just stop and go to another sport, like golf or tennis or basketball. Its wierd.

  3. AHAHAH, Let me laugh!
    In 2006 World Cup, Portugal reached the semi-finals, and this year was the 5th World Ranking Selection! And where was the U.S.?! Well, even passed the final knockout ! So u are a mess !

  4. Is the United States of America are best, you want to see! Nor have stars, since Portugal have many!
    You focus it is that your game stick to each other's type gay or is it football or anything! Football is here in Europe:)

  5. I told you dedicated yourself to the basket!
    America has no football team!
    There's just no way Landon Donovan! Yes, this is great player in Football Manager always buy!
    Portugal still has a chance, ye Dud!
    To France and Argentina is much worse

  6. WTF & say what???.. portuguese??? hardly !… her english is excellent as is the case with most Danes, but her accent is different from what I expected.. it sounds more eastern European than Denmark ( so I'm assuming that her family immigrated to Denmark from the eastern bloc when she was very young) …guess I was expecting her to sound like the danish actress Iben Hjejle ( who speaks perfect english with an almost american accent ) I missed seeing her match last night . very glad she won 🙂

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