Andy Murray has chronic injury like me, says Guy Forget

In an interview to L’Equipe, the former world No. 4 Guy Forget, current French Open director, commented on Andy Murray announcing his retirement from professional tennis. Forget understands Murray’s hard decision: ‘What happened to Andy Murray is exactly what happened to me when I was a player.

I was a world No. 11 but I had a lot of knee pain. I could not deal with it anymore, I decided to undergo surgery. A year after, the doctor told me: “Either you re-start, but you will play on just one lag, either you stop now and it’s ended.

You will never have your knee at 100% back”. I could not practice for more than an hour and a half a day and I was taking painkillers every day. After a while it was ridiculous, I decided to stop. I imagine Murray has a chronic injury and that he cannot go on anymore.

For a guy like him to do such a thing, it’s because the medicine cannot do anything for him anymore. His hip may get worse. Others experienced something similar: Thierry Tulasne, Kuerten, Eddie Dibbs, Jimmy Connors, etc. Everybody has hip prosthesis today, which shows once again that the sports is a very severe sport.’ ALSO READ: Roger Federer adds new tournament to February 2019 schedule!


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